Canva Pro Latest Review Price and More

Canva can be one of the more well-known design tools. It is becoming more and more popular with people using it daily!

The day is here, and I’m conducting an Canva Pro review, for which I purchased the Pro subscription from Canva and have used it extensively to try out all the functions and features.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the appealing attributes offered by Canva Pro, how it differs from the free version of Canva as well as the pricing plans and discount deals, as well as its main Pros and Cons.

Canva isn’t the only online design software I’ve tried. The past I’ve also used Crello Pro and Pixelied as well.

I absolutely loved the Brand Kit feature, which helped me organize all my designs in line with my brand’s identity in a flash! More details on this feature are inside the piece!

If you’re who is interested in creating graphics but aren’t keen to dive deep into technical details, Canva Pro is something you must check out!

So, without further delay, let’s dive to our review!


Canva is a one of a unique design tool. The variety of features offer is really impressive to have an internet-based tool. Canva Pro can provide some significant value for regular customers using Canva Free.

What’s Canva?

Canva can be an extremely popular tool for graphic design that operates online. Its thousands of beautiful templates allow you to quickly design the perfect design for your needs!

With Canva the software, you can design an array of designs, including bridal invitations and blog banners resumes as well as twitter banners, logos as well as presentations, business cards brochures, Instagram stories, and lots more!

Since it’s cloud-based it allows you to create and access your entire designs at any time and from anywhere. Canva also offers mobile apps that work on Android as well as iOS devices.

Canva Pro is an important upgrade over Canva Free in terms of capabilities. Let’s take a look at the major differences between them.

Canva Team Management

The features for managing teams in Canva are very good. But, you have to pay additional charges for every user you add. In the moment you can set up teams that includes up to 5 members at a cost of Rs499/month. This is pretty affordable!

The feature I enjoyed the most was the The feature I liked the most is their Live Editing feature, where you can edit the same design alongside your team in real-time! You can also leave useful comments to your team members when editing is required.

According to the latest update, Canva Pro now lets assign tasks to certain team members by adding their comments. They will be informed about their tasks via a ‘to do list in a format. Additionally, you can search for your team’s members making use of filters as well!

This is an useful feature that will keep your team members more organised and focused on their duties.

Canva Cloud Storage

Whereas Canva Free offers a mere 5GB of storage space, Canva Pro provides a massive 100 GBs of cloud storage.

You can continue making images without worrying about buying cloud storage.

Does Canva Pro worth it?

Canva Free is a powerful tool on its own. For most users using the free plan, it’s enough to handle the basic features.

However, if your job revolves around images, visual content videos, graphics or other visual content You can take a consider Canva Pro.

If you’re looking to use the best tools, such as background remover and resize tool and brand management, as well as customized templates as well as social media scheduling and planning and more The Canva Pro plan could be ideal.

Advantages from Canva Pro

1. Best Template Collection

The selection of templates that are available on Canva Pro is amazing! You can download beautiful and distinctive templates that cover a variety of designs formats.

This can be extremely helpful in your designs to hit the right impression!

2. Simple to use

Canva is an extremely user-friendly tool. It lets you create quick images with beautiful templates.

The greatest part is the fact that there’s no have to have any design knowledge or experience to use Canva. Anyone can begin working on it!

3. Subscription to Stock Image

When you sign up for Canva Pro, you get access to their stock photo collection. This means that you pay them once (as an annual subscription fee) and continue using them for the rest of your life to create stunning designs!

4. Saves Time

Canva Pro is a quick and easy to use design tool. You can make a professional design in minutes!

This cuts down on a significant amount of time that is spent selecting the images to download from various external sources.

5. Affordable Price

Canva Pro comes at a affordable price of Rs.750 for an individual user. It gives you access to the latest features, as well as the capability to create on several devices and save your designs in cloud storage.

All of these services are more when purchased individually!

6. Integrations with many 3rd Party Services

Canva lets you connect to other applications from third parties such as Pexels, Pixabay, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, Giphy, and more.

7. Good collaboration Features

Invite team members to work in your design and give them roles to play in better management.

8. A plethora of tutorials

If you purchase Canva Pro, you get access to the Canva Design School. It has a wide range of courses and design tutorials, and even has live events online totally free!


We are at the conclusion this Canva Pro Review. I hope that this article has will help you understand the ways Canva Pro can make your designs appear more professional and appealing without much effort!

I believe it’s a great value for money tool. If your job is centered around images I’m certain you’ll find something that you can use from this software!

If you’re an educator, student or a non-profit organization are able to take advantage of the discounts that are available!

If you’re uncertain, you can try Canva Pro for a Canva Pro trial, which is free for thirty days for 30 days, and then evaluate whether it’s a good fit to you.

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